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This overrides some EA objects to give them more purpose and be used as storage items instead of just décor. You can also label them to help keep you organized.

I've also included the ability to grab and store my custom ingredients by category so you can organize your ingredients better and access them faster. This will work consistently with EA items as long as you have the Core Tag Modules installed, see optional mods below for details.

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Lotsa Storage! Basic






Only install the files that correspond to the packs you have installed. Please see my Reference page if you're unsure which files you should download.

These objects work like storage chests. To find these in the catalog you can search the word 'Lotsa' in the search bar and they will all show up. I've also added some text to the description of these items so that you know they've been edited. 

Anything that can normally be placed in a storage chest can be placed in these although I would avoid putting anything that would spoil in them because they won't keep. If something inside of it spoils they will have a stinky effect over them. 

All storages do not share an inventory with any other inventories on your lot. There is also an option to label these to help you keep them organized. Once labelled, you can quickly hover over them and get an idea of what's inside without opening them up and looking inside.

May contain spoilers!

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Required Mods:


These mods are required for this content to function properly in-game. Please read through all the information on the download pages so you understand what's included with that mod and how it works.

Core Mod


Optional Mods:


These mods are optional and provide a better experience when using this content. Please read through all the information on the download pages so you understand what's included with that mod and how it works.

Core Modules

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If you have another mod that alters the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

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Any objects from the following:

BG - Base Game

  • Artiste Supply Taboret

  • Caress Stacking Crates

  • Cluttered Mind Box Set

  • Duffel O Cash

  • The Don't Break Your Back Pack

  • The Fairest Trade Crates

EP01 - Get to Work

  • Pile of Crates

  • Regulation Police Drawer

  • Still Getting Settled Moving Box

EP02 - Get Together

  • The Humidor Shed

EP03 - City Living

  • The Price of Progress

  • Treasures Untold

EP06 - Get Famous

  • Barrels Prop

EP09 - Eco Lifestyle

  • Whatever You Want Cabinet

EP12 - High School Years

  • Hobby Holders

GP11 - My Wedding Stories

  • Barrel of Promise

GP12 - Werewolves

  • Factory Tubble

  • Seventh Confectioners Wood HOlder

Read the info above so you understand what this content does.
Make sure you have the most recent version of any Required Mods installed.


Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.

Do NOT put ts4script files more than one folder deep.


Alternate Download:


Click the button below to download this file from Curseforge.

No login or app installation required.


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Lotsa Storage!

An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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